West Runton Pavilion & Cromer Links

North Norfolk's Legendary Live Music Venues of the 1960s, 70s & 80s


- a website dedicated to West Runton Pavilion and the Royal Links Pavilion, Cromer

West Runton Pavilion and Cromer Royal Links Pavilion were two music venues on the North Norfolk coast of the UK.  In their respective heydays they hosted concerts by many of the top bands of the time.

The Links - running from 1964 to 1977 - saw the Who, Move, Tremeloes, Marmalade and Sex Pistols tread the stage, all at the height of their fame.  Queen, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth and many others came just as their star was in the ascendancy.

A few miles down the road at West Runton Pavilion, the glam rock of the mid-seventies (with appearances by bands such as Glitter Band, Kenny, Rubettes) gave way to punk (Damned, Clash, Jam etc) and the new wave of British heavy metal (Saxon, Iron Maiden, Magnum) but old favourites like Motorhead, Ian Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, Slade and many more continued to appear up until 1983.

Both venues have long gone, but their memory lives on in the hearts of many who remember fondly the places where they worked, watched bands or maybe even appeared.  These memories, together with details of dates, set-lists, line-ups, hit records and 48 pages of photos, were brought together in a book entitled 'WHAT FLO SAID' - a reference to the pot-bellied rock monster (designed by Ian Foster) who appeared for many years in the adverts for Cromer Links.  'WHAT FLO SAID' was launched in October 2006.  After three print runs it completely sold out in November 2011.  

'WHAT FLO SAID' was updated and revised in 2013 and released on Amazon for download as an e-book. This new version of the book is called 'WHAT FLO SAID NEXT' and, as well as all the original material, it contains additional comments, more detailed reviews, and lots more photos, this time interspersed with the text.  By popular demand, and after discovery of a great new system called 'Print on Demand', from October 2014, eight years after the original book was published, 'WHAT FLO SAID NEXT' became available in paperback.  Please visit the 'About the Book' page for further information.

Please join the website  to add your comments to the guestbook or you can email additional stories and memories not already featured in the book to julie@whatflosaid.co.uk and they will be considered for inclusion in the guestbook or on the 'What FLO Said Next!' page on this website, as appropriate. 

Thanks to everyone for their support. 

Julie Fielder