West Runton Pavilion & Cromer Links

North Norfolk's Legendary Live Music Venues of the 1960s, 70s & 80s

'A fantastic Reunion - great to catch up with so many old friends.'

'A great evening, lots of fun.'

'What a cracking Reunion again!'

These are some of the comments following the Third Reunion held on Saturday 29 September 2007 in the heated marquee at the Lighthouse Inn, Walcott, by kind permission of the landlord, Steve Bullimore.

Around 200 people were treated to a fantastic night of music to celebrate the two venues.

Alfie Hall and Tony Spencer (who were members of Spencer's People in the early 70s, supporting the likes of Status Quo and Thin Lizzy at the Links) now play as a duo called Railway Child.  They provided the entertainment for the first part of the evening, then Martin Richmond (who used to be drummer with Denim in the late 70s) joined them for a couple of songs.

Bo-Nidle then took to the stage, comprising Harry Collins (another ex-Spencer's person) on bass, Garry Platten ('Gizmo') - who used to be a DJ at the Links - on guitar, and drummer Shane Randall - who vocalist/harmonica player Dave Pentney-Smith joked used to be fighting in the car park!  They played a good range of covers, mainly blues, and were very well received - 'The right band for the night' as one reveller put it.

Bo-Nidle kindly left their gear on stage which was available for a hastily formed 'supergroup' with Pete North (drums), Terry Bunting (guitar), Steve Ayers (guitar and vocals) and Clive Tully (bass).  Clive and Pete had appeared at West Runton Pavilion with Spiny Norman many times supporting top acts such as John Miles and Judas Priest during 1976-77.  Pete had also appeared there with Ram supporting the Drifters.  Terry had played with The Hunter at the Links, and later supported Suzi Quatro and others with Zorro. 

The 'supergroup' performed six or seven songs including Chuck Berry, Cream and Hendrix numbers - not bad for a band which had formed about an hour earlier in the pub with no chance for rehearsal!  The result was amazing and they looked like they had been together for years.  Alfie and Tony then returned to wind the evening down but were soon joined on stage by the members of Bo-Nidle and favourites such as 'Mustang Sally' and 'Smoke on the Water' filled the dance floor. 

The event was such a success that a date for next year's Reunion has already been announced - Saturday 27 September 2008. 

It was a truly memorable evening which would not have been possible without the hard work and talent of all the musicians who took part.  Thanks to everyone who attended.