West Runton Pavilion & Cromer Links

North Norfolk's Legendary Live Music Venues of the 1960s, 70s & 80s

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Julie Fielder, author of 'WHAT FLO SAID' and 'WHAT FLO SAID NEXT' has just published her first novel, 'THE SCAM'. 

It tells the humorous story of budding Rock Star, Gee Stringer, who starts his own punk band in the seventies, meets Lemmy at Runton, and tours with Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses and The Stones.  He ends up in rehab but believes his fortunes will be changed by a mysterious email.  

The novel is available from Amazon in paperback or ebook.  Please click on this link for more information: The Scam

 Read on for news about 'WHAT FLO SAID NEXT'...

*** October 2014 ***


'WHAT FLO SAID' was the first complete account of two legendary North Norfolk music venues - West Runton Pavilion and the Royal Links Pavilion, Cromer.  Starting from the early days of ballroom and strict tempo dance bands, the book progresses through soul, disco and glam rock to heavy metal and punk, and includes:

  • Approximately 250 pages of text - stories, gig reviews, band line-ups, behind the scenes info etc
  • Full list of band dates for Cromer Links 1964-77 and West Runton Pavilion 1973-83
  • Forty-eight pages of photos (staff, local bands, top bands on stage etc)
  • Introduction by Raymond Froggatt, who played at both venues a total of 40 times

Local bands featured include Shy Fly, Spencer's People, Crow, Fascinatin' Rhythm, Ram, Spiny Norman, Wildfire and Zorro.  There are detailed reviews of gigs and background information about the stars including The Who, Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, Chuck Berry, The Damned, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Heavy Metal Kids, Sex Pistols, Slade, Screaming Lord Sutch, Queen, AC/DC and many more! 

There are contributions from almost 200 people, including former owners and some of the stars, with many memories and comments provided by local music fans.  

Author Julie Fielder's father worked on the door at West Runton Pavilion during the 1970s, and before she was 13 Julie had watched several popular bands from the small private balcony at the back of the hall.  She met some of the stars and developed a life-long love of music.  This book is the result of 18 months of extensive research in an effort to uncover the true story about West Runton Pavilion and its neighbour the Royal Links Pavilion in Cromer.  It is a factual, humorous, sometimes poignant record of two venues remembered passionately by many as an integral part of their youth.  As one of Julie's contacts observed: 'It's about time somebody did it!'

After many painstaking months, and eight years after the original launch, the book has been updated and revised. The new version is called 'WHAT FLO SAID NEXT' and is available in paperback and ebook.  As well as the original material, there are additional comments, more detailed reviews and lots more photos.   

Please click here to visit the Amazon 'WHAT FLO SAID NEXT' page for more information and to buy or download your copy. 

'Brilliantly put together, extremely interesting and very easy to read.'  (Ian Wright, drummer with Spiny Norman and Zorro)

'I ... really enjoyed it.  Brought back some great memories.'  (Roger Reynolds, ex Barry Lee & the Planets and Brother Lees)

'It's a brilliant, brilliant book.'  (David Clayton, BBC Radio Norfolk)

'Everyone who I've spoken to about it says what a great read it is.'  (Chris Hare, Croxen's Newsagents, Cromer)

'Essential reading for anyone interested in music regardless of where they are from.' (Stephen Brady, punk fan)

'It is superb. ...it really does evoke the past and the sources are impeccable!'  (Sandra Fishwick, History graduate, 'Classic Rock' reader and self-confessed rock chick!)

'A well-researched labour of love.'  (Neil Watson, photographer and journalist)

'I have your book - it's my treasure of the past.  I also love "What Flo Said Next" but wish it was in paper form!'  (Janet Frary, music fan) 


'Takes me back to the good old days!  ... well written too with great insight behind the scenes.'

'Brilliant must-have book.'

'If you want to reminisce about the north Norfolk music scene... then this is the book for you. ...If you played at either of these venues, you will be in it.'

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